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Our Maritime charity work has grown vastly over the years as we are now pleased to offer support to many maritime based charities including National Sea Cadet Plus inland waterways & Beach Safety shore based groups, This may involve help with Safety Equipment / Onsite Traning, Advertising, Funding, Plus much more,
If you think your charity or upcoming event may qualify for our programme help please email us your event or charity work

We are allways on the lookout for new ideas or safety kit that could be added to our programs or maybe your working on something new & improved 
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This Site is for the Memory Of
Mr Richard Woodford MBE
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Richards Dream

 The SeaTac Group was launched by the late
Richard Woodford MBE 

Whose efforts started in the Early 70`s and carried on into the early to late 80`s lead to achieving  more advanced  safety equipment being made available and fitted to our naval vessels including better deployment safety systems.
The MoD gave the green light for further develoment in July 1975 with the trial of quicker life saving equipment and MOB auto deployment aids plus advanced recovery pod`s. 

Richard`s work also included fast release & auto release life raft systems  Which lead to a much improved level of Military maritime rescue and recovery equipment for our Royal Navy Fleet by 1982 and was sadly put to the test During The Falklands Conflict on April 2, 1982 to June 14, 1982.

Safety At Sea UK was operational by the late 80`s  After Richard`s passing
To which his good name & work would continue to be used to help many
  Charity  Maritime  groups

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 Respect The Water
Respect the Water is at the heart of our prevention work, which is aimed at promoting safety advice to all who visit the coast. We want you to enjoy the water, but we also want you to recognise its dangers and never underestimate its power.
It’s our goal to halve the number of accidental coastal deaths by 2024. The campaign aims to show those most at risk the potential dangers of water, to encourage them to reconsider their actions and adopt safer behaviour.
Current drowning figures show a clear gender divide, with men accounting for over two-thirds of those who die. So the campaign is primarily aimed at men, particularly those aged between 16 and 39 years, who are more likely to take risks. Although the safety advice is just as relevant for anyone visiting the coast.